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President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School – South or often called PMRMS-South is an elementary school located in Arnaldo Blvd, Roxas City, Capiz. It was a public school, in this school not only accept grade 1 – 6 students, but there are also kindergarten classes. This school is under the DepEd or Department of Education.

Vision :

We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.

We are a learner-centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders.

Mission :

To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where:

  • Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment.
  • Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.
  • Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.
  • Family, community and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners.

Core Values :

  • Maka-Diyos
  • Maka-tao
  • Makakalikasan
  • Makabansa


PMRMS-South has many facilities to support teaching and learning process. The facilities such as: Library, computer lab with internet services, gymnasium, speech lab, House for studying (Puluy-an sang kaalam), health room, home economics, guidance room, a lot of canteen, mini forest garden, projector for each class and others facilities in the class that support the teaching and learning process. In this school there are so many classes. drom kindergarden to grade 6, for grade 1 – 6 each has the sections. usually there are 6 section for each class, that is Rizal, Roxas, Mabini, Bonifacio, and Arroyo.


In PMRMS-South learning activities begin on Monday until Friday. The class start at 7.30 am, but if on Monday there will be flag ceremony first and it is start at 7.15 am and ends at 4.30 pm. In noon intermission at 11.30 am until 1.00 pm the pupils were allowed to go home to have their lunch, the same with the teachers and stakeholders also. the teaching system in PMRMS South focuses of the curriculum. in the morning they will have praying time together, and then talents show. in this part the pupils can do any activities to showing their talents such as singing or dancing or any other talents. the teacher as facilitator uses individual an group task that makes the pupils to be active and interested for the lesson.


PMRMS South used K to 12. Most of the material and the learning sources that used is from the books. The books was provided by DepEd or The Department of Education from the government. Sometimes the teacher also used another references like some pictures or video obtained from the internet as additional media for learning


For measurement and evaluation system in PMRMS-South have four quarters for the final assessment. The first quarter usually in August/September, the second quarter in October/November, the third quarter in January/February and the last fourth quarter in March/April. For each quarter there will be periodical test. It rill be held for two days because for one day the pupils will have four subject to do. The teacher also uses quizzes for each learning topic that has been studied, the quiz will be played both for individuals and for groups. The teacher calculated all the evaluation and the school receives a prorated score that incorporates data from the teacher class. In every recognition day from 1-4, there will be a rewarding ribbon to the pupils and certificate of recognition.


The curriculum in PMRMS-South uses K to 12 . K to 12 is curriculum under the DepEd or Department of Education, Philippines. Based on the curriculum, education in the Philippines for elementary school 6 years in time and mandatory for all students. during class 1-3 here class lessons using the mother tongue, that is “Hiligaynon” language. It is a local language, in the Philippines alone this language is more than 170. English and Filipino are accepted as second languages. for grades 3 to 6 all the lesson subject was taught in English languages such as English, Science, TLE (Technology Lively Hood Education), MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health), and Math and others is two national language subject lessons using the Filipino language that is AP (Araling Panlipunan) and Filipino.


The teaching plan of Advertisement & Propaganda and Cause and Effect consist of the objectives of the lesson, the subject matter, the procedures which are preliminary activities, reviewing, development of the lesson, generalization, application (activities) and evaluation in the end.



There are several methods used by the teacher in PMRMS South. From what I observed there are presentation method, discussion method, expository method,  discovery learning. In the presentation method, the teacher delivers the content of the materials directly to the pupils.  But mostly the method that is used is discussion method, the pupils really like this method because they can share and exchange their opinion to the others. The pupils become active and critical in the learning process.


The teacher has already prepared the lesson plan and materials one week before the lesson, It will easier for the teacher. Most of the materials are from the books, but sometimes the teacher also adds pictures, sounds, or video. usually, the teacher uses powerpoint presentation as a media to teach the pupils because all class was already provided with the projector and speaker. The teacher also uses game motivation, game fill in the blank and others. The teacher is well managed and prepared for the learning innovation that makes the pupils don’t get bored.


The sources of learning that uses are from the books and the internet. The books were provided by the DepEd. The teacher makes the presentation for each topic. And the technology that used to deliver the material is a laptop to organize the presentation, projector to show the presentation and loudspeakers.


The authentic assessment that used is a periodical test or examination for all pupils in every last quarter.



PMRMS South used the K to 12 curriculum, this is the curriculum from the DepEd from the government in the Philippines. Basic Education Program K to 12.

Sometimes the teacher uses the K to 12 curriculum with modification. The teacher adapt the curriculum with the situation happened in the school


Practice Teaching :

Lesson Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

Final Demo :

Lesson Plan Final Demo

Powerpoint Presentation Final Demo



The procedure when i have my practice teaching there are:

  1. Greeting. The teachers will greeting the pupils first and then the pupils answer it.
  2. Preliminary activities. The teacher and the pupils doing some pronunciation drill and reviewing from the lesson that they had before.
  3. Explain the objectives of the lesson
  4. Motivation such as video, song, pictures or others
  5. Lesson Proper, the teacher, and the pupils discuss together the topic.
  6. Activities for the pupils, it can be group activity or individuals activity.
  7. Generalization
  8. Evaluation
  9. Assignment


15For each subject it has 50 minutes. I divided it into three part, for opening (10 minutes) such as greeting, preliminary activities, the objectives and motivation, the second part is main activities (25 minutes) and the third part is closing (15 minutes) such as generalization, evaluation, and assignment.


The problem that I faced is how to deal with 43 pupils.  When teaching the pupils sometimes the students are too enthusiastic about the lesson and it makes noise. But I learned from my critic teacher, how to solve kind of this condition. Just as simple as the clap, do and create your own clap, so the pupils will follow you and not making any noisy condition again after that. The second problem is because we have a different accent to talk, there are some English word that we pronounce a little different, the during the learning process I keep asking even to my critic teacher and my buddy about how the correct pronounce in here.


To attract the attention of the pupils, I used kpop materials on my topics, such as BTS advertisement for my Advertisement and Propaganda topic. The pupils especially the female pupils really like and can understand about the topic given. I also walk around the class to make sure that the pupils still and keep focus on the topic. To manage the class I also use any kind of clap, I was taught by my buddy like “Aling dunesia clap” and others.  The pupils really like icebreaking like clap and other games or activities.



The purpose of the practicum is to develop teaching skills and pedagogy, to encourage and to practice English skills, to gain a broader regional, to diverse teaching and learning stuations and opportunities. It really meets my need. I really want to go abroad, have the experiences of teaching in the different country, I also want to practice my English skill and challenge my self. I never live far from my parents before, and after one month there I know hows the feeling of homesick, missing your family and your friends. But then here I learned a lot, I learned how to overcome it. I learned how to teaching using English, how to manage the class, how to solve any problem in the class. I also learn about the differences not only in the education system but also in cultural social life.


The program is held for more and less 1 month. There are 4 stages of practicum, first is orientation and observation, second is teaching assistant, third is teaching in the classroom and the last is an evaluation or final demonstration and reflection


From this practicum, I can get a lot of experiences. I got a lot of confidence to speak in english tha before, I also improved my english skill, got more english skill. I also learned how to deal with the pupils, whilw in the class or outside the class. I can develop my teaching skills and pedagogic also, how to manage the class. I also got a new family here, my critic teachers, my pupils, my friends, my coordinator, and all the faculty staff of Capiz State University.  


The challemges of the practicum is when first I know that I will teach in Grade 6 with the subject English, because in my registration form before it is grade 4 and the subject is Science. What I’m afraid of in the beginning is “how if my pupils in grade 6 is more better in english than me?” but because of my critic teacher and my coordinator I can overcome my insecurities. Both of them was a great woman, they always give me some suggestion and I really really learned a lot of things from them.

Also how to conduct the class full in english, it is my first experience.


I’m really grateful to join this program, no regret at all. I really got a lot of experiences after I join this program and learned a lot of things also. This program is very useful for other people who want to explore and need to improve and learn new pieces of knowledge, especially when you want to teach in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Last but not least, I really appreciate and want to say big thank you for all of you who help me from the beginning to the end of this program. For the committe of Sea Teacher Program, the faculy staffs from Ahmad Dahlan University, Capiz State University, PMRMS South, my buddies, and my fellow delegates from Indonesia and Thailand ❤


I hope that for the next SEA-Teacher program, there will be more participants with more university coverage. I hope all ASEAN countries will be involved in this program.



Hello! Mabuhay!

I don’t feel like it’s been the last day I joined this program. And here are the end of the event, which is closing ceremony huhu. Actually, at the closing ceremony, there was an event for reflection, all student exchange participants were asked to give a simple speech about reflection and just about things that we had learned and emphasized for a whole month here.

Honestly for this speech I was really nervous because I had never participated in a program like this before and was perched in front of great people here, but it must be dealt with yes!

This closing event starts with the greeting of the President, Vice President and then continues by the reflection of each student.

Being an exchange student is really an unforgettable experience for the university student, both for the learning process and broadening of horizons

After that, its time for the stage haha, all of the exchange students must perform either to sing or dance for their culture. Me and Neneng have prepared from 2 days ago, we want to perform the song of Javanese songs and dance to the Manuk Dadali

Next is the footage of our performance

At the end of the event, the students and the faculty staff giving gifts to each coordinator, mentor, critic teacher from every school and also student exchange students. I also got the certificate from Ma’am Editha C. Alfon the President of Capiz State University.

After this closing we were also given the opportunity to visit in one of the mosques in this city Roxas too, the mosque that we are going to visit is located in Tanque, near from PMRMS Soth, the school where I internship there

This is the atmosphere of the mosque in Tanque


Mabuhay! Still with me here on my 23rd day joining the Sea Teacher Program at CAPSU, Philippines.

So today, Friday 1 February 2019 we have an agenda to be a speaker on the showcase of talents at CAPSU’s Main Campus. After yesterday we were walking around the city of Ilo-ilo hihi. Tired? No haha ​​because we enjoyed it while walking before with other friends.

Oiya, so on this Friday’s event, we (Neneng and I) were asked by Ma’am Grace Galagate as the coordinator of the main campus to present about our country, Indonesia. So later we will present about the geography, culture, food, other things about Indonesia and the similarities and differences between Indonesia and the Philippines. And because the day before we had a tour, and the previous day we had a final demo, our preparations were only one night, haha. But yeah it’s okay because we are also helped by Daisy hihi.

And yup after one night working for PPT, it was finally finished at 12 am, and we continued to redeem a little at 5 am hehe. At 8 am me, Neneng and Daisy go to Main Campus with a tricycle, the distance is not too far, about 7 minutes. After arriving, it turned out the gymnasium was in full with the existing students. and jeng, jeng , jeng it is time for us to go forward for the presentation. Nervous? Yes, obviously! XP

After the presentation continues with the showcase of talents! There are many performances from students, from various dances, and singing and everything is cool!

After the showcase of talents on Main Camupus was finished, the next program was having a snack times with the professors from Dayao Sattellite College, and I’m not alone, Neneng and Daisy also joined in. We talked small things from differences in Indonesia culture and Filipino equations and many others.

Thank you for the time you spend and treat us Ma’am and Sir! ❤


Do you know where is Ilo-ilo? Ilo-ilo is a province in Western Visayas, just like capiz but it’s not capiz. It takes 2-3 hours to go there from Roxas city.

On Friday, January 31st. Me, Neneng and all of the exchange students from Indonesia and Thailand in Capsu were going to ilo-ilo city, with our coordinators from each campus.

Because of a long trip, we were required to prepare at 4 in the morning.

We departed using 3 campus cars, I happened to be with friends from the campus of Pontevedra, they were Melisa, Pamela, and David. All five of us are also from the campus in one city you know, the city of Yogyakarta. I was also accompanied by the coordinator of Dayao, namely Ma’am Doreen.

After traveling we visited one of the churches at ilo-ilo, the Jaro cathedral, and we also took a walk in the market which was in front of the cathedral. Lagao-lagao or dayan-dayan hihi.

After that we headed to ilo-ilo museu, in this place we can see the artistic works of the artists at ilo-ilo and also various artifacts or historical heritage items from the ilo-ilo city in this western visayas.

after that we go to our main destination, Commision of education!

We had our lunch in KFC in SM Mall

Do malling in SM Mall

We also had the opportunity to visit the vi region of tourism, unfortunately, we did not meet the director, but we met with the editor in chief, Attorney Sedfrey L. Cabaluna, he was a tv anchor also, he and yessss he was so handsome hehe. Here are some of our pictures :

He welcomed us very kindly, of course, that makes us feel so glad to be there, especially because he was also handsome, and I really like the way he speaks hihi ;P He explain to us about the culture, the foods, and any activities in ilo-ilo and in Western Visayas, it was very interesting!


It didn’t feel like this was my last week at this South PMRMS, so on Monday 28th January, there was a program recognition day. So recognition day is the day of sharing their report card. Every year there are 4 session recognition days, this recognition day is held after the periodical test. This system is a little different in Indonesia, if in Indonesia in elementary school there is a distribution of 2 times each year. But if here every year there are 4 times the recognition day. it is being held 1st on August / Sep, 2nd on October / Nov, 3rd on January / Feb, 4th on March / April.

For recognition days which are 1.2 and 3 are done in class, in the afternoon in their last hours at 3-4 pm. The school provided ribbon rewards such as perfect attendance, complete uniform award, with honor, high honors and highest honors for the pupils.

Well on this occasion I was fortunate to be able to experience how exciting 3rd recognition day is. So for the program, it takes place in the classroom, the parents waiting around the classrooms and waiting for the turn for their son or daughter’s name to be called. Parents or guardians come and provide ribbon rewards and certificates of recognition previously given by class teachers to their son or daughter. For the preparation of this event, it is carried out by all students and their class teachers, by decorating as much as possible with all its contents.

Neeext, on Wednesday 30 January is the final day of my demonstration! After all the previous preparations I had until now, the class I’m going to teach for the final demo is Rizal Class, but before that, I was given the opportunity to teach in the previous class, as well as a farewell because today is my last day in PMRMS-South. In section Roxas and Mabini I really spend my time well there, so sad that I didn’t have time to say goodbye to grade 6 section Arroyo huhu 😦

The following is the material that I prepared in advance for the final demo

Lesson Plan Final Demo

Powerpoint Presentation Final Demo

And yup after that nervousness, this is going to be my moment! I talk to my self haha

I was told by my coordinator if you are nervous just smiling and smiling. She said because smiling can stretch our stiff muscles, and yes! Its really works on me hehe. In the beginning, I was really nervous but after that, I feel really enjoy with my pupils even if there were 6 supervisors at the back. Here are some pictures of me when I do my final demo

And yes this picture was taken after I finished my final demo

After eleven days I internship at this school I really got a lot of experiences. I became aware of this education system, especially elementary school in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. In the class that I observed in class 6, there were several subjects, namely ESP, English, Filipino, Science, TLE, MAPEH, Araling Panglipunan, and Math. The education system here ran from the Department of Education. I also got information that for classes 1-3 lessons were taught using the mother language, and grades 4-6 used English, except for ESP and Araling Panglipunan lessons that use the national language, Tagalog.

Here I learn a lot, I can practice my English skills both for teachers and students, then I can also learn how to handle a class especially using English. Teacher and students here are also friendly, and special for my critic teacher Maam Gina Nobleza who has shared a lot of knowledge with me, thank you for encouraging me during my internship here, and for my lovely students, thank you also for the cooperation, I really appreciate that I will miss youuuu for sure!


Hi Mabuhay!

I would like to tell you about my experience in joining Extention Program that was held by Dayao Satellite College. This program was purposed for 3rd – 4th year of college students that majoring in elementary education. Where they were given the chance to practice their ability to teach. This program was held once a week, on Friday. The session was based on the campus and the school’s agreement.

I had the chance to join this program twice. The target of this program was to teach the student how to read, write, vocabulary and another topic for 1st  to the 3rd-grade student that was categorized as a slow learner.

1st IN DYDMRMS (Don Ynocencio A. Del Rosario Memorial School )

On Friday, January 18th, around 1 pm, the group of the college student and some of the supervisor from Dayao departed to DYDMRMS that was located around 2 KM from Dayao campus. We go there by tricycle. The tricycle was the main transportation in Roxas, Capiz. It was quite alike Bajaj in Indonesia, but I thought that the shape of this vehicle was quite unique :

And do you know it? One unit of tricycle could contain more than 12 people! Could you imagine how crowded it is?

Once we get there, I had the chance to help to teach how to read and write for 1st grader along with another elementary education major from Dayao

It was funny how I was supposed to teach the Tagalog language to the student when I didn’t quite understand it. Such the words: adlaw, itlog, matinlo, etc. Luckily, my friend taught me the meaning of those words afterward. And that’s it, my program in DYDMRMS was finished!

 In the Neeeeext week, I also participated in the same program, but in a different school. This time I’d got the chance to practice teaching in Libas Elementary school.


The distance from the Campus to this school was quite far. Around 4-5 km and the environment of this school was quite saddening. This school was initially built for the citizen around which was admittedly quite poor. The access to the school was hard, we must go through small alleyway and some ladder because the location is somehow isolated. But this doesn’t decrease the spirit of the student to study even for a bit! although they go to school without a uniform and only wearing ordinary clothes. The topic that was taught was the same as those from DYDMRMS, they were taught to read, write, and Tagalog vocabulary. I also helped to teach how to read fluently along my friends from Dayao, beam from last year and second year.

Joining this program taught me how important education is for life, to  Never surrender to reach your dream and open my eyes to be more thankful for everything that you have.


21st – 24th of January was the second week of my internship in PMRMS South Elementary School, on Monday, I had a chance to help ma’am Gina Nobleza teaching in her class the topic in the first session in Rizal’s, was context clue, and then in the following session, I helped to teach in Roxas, Mabini and Arroyo with the same topic, Context clue

Context clue was a quite challenging topic, for the pupils. each class had a different reaction to the topic based on their ability that they had. Grade 6 Rizal’s class was a superior class, which the student were those that were chosen based on their performance in the previous year

on Tuesday, I got the chance to help to teach in Ma’am Gina’s class again with a different topic that is a characteristic trait. The pupils seem to be more enthusiastic about the topic in Rizal’s class. the teacher taught the pupils with power point and Microsoft wort on the class’s assignment.

I got the opportunity for assistance in the class taught by Ma’am Gina which is section Roxas, Mabini, and Arroyo in Grade 6.

on Wednesday, I had the chance to teach in Rizal’s class with a topic that my critic teacher offer, the topic I chose was advertisement and propaganda. before I started teaching, there were things that I needed to prepare such as lesson plan, procedure of teaching, time management and what kind of activities that will be implemented in class I had already made the lesson plan in the previous week, I had prepared the topic and the powerpoint that I was going to use, I also chose some example for advertisement and propaganda that were quite popular for teen these days, such as coca cola’s advertisement that was starred by BTS ( Korean boyband). it’s hard to deny that Korean wave was such a hit even for elementary students.

Below were my lesson plan and power point that I prepared for my first practice teaching in here :

Lesson Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

And below were my documentation when I was teaching in grade 6 section Rizal on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019.

My second week here in PMRMS South was really fun and interesting, I began to get close to pupils. we also exchange information and opinions about many things like culture in the Philippines, culture in Indonesia, artists we know about and others. Our connection is also very connected, you know, about the KPOP world, especially Boyband BTS! ha ha. Besides that I also understand about how learning takes place in this school, the teacher uses power point as the media used, while the learning stages are: prayer, talents show, showing the objectives of the lesson, reviewing, explain about the topic, practicing, activities, and evaluation.

In the learning process, the teacher also uses various kinds of game innovations, such as dividing male and female groups, playing quizzes, use online games and so on. The teacher is very clever and competent in managing the class, mastering of the material presented. The teacher facilitates the pupils in accordance with the topics discussed. so that students also easily understand the material conveyed through these games, pupils also do a lot of activities both quiz questions, activities, and evaluations because it was student-centered based learning.

Here some of the pictures of me and my pupils in Grade 6 – Rizal :


Hello! Mabuhay! Sawadee kha! Apa Kabar?

This is a story part #6 of me when I join the Sea Teacher Batch 7 in CAPSU, Philippines. Please check (here) if you want to read and know more about my experiences in here! 😀

Saturday, January 19th 2019. This day is one of the day that I’m waiting for.  Do you know why? Hihi because today its our first tour together with all of the exchange students in CAPSU. Our last meet is when we have the opening and welcome ceremony in Dayao Campus in last Friday, Jan 11th.

and yes today is the day!  we start this morning with breakfast together at McD, here the family begins to feel, we introduce ourselves to each other.

After breakfast we headed to the Museum. Ang Panublion Museum!

“Panublion” a Hiligaynon term meaning heritage, is the official name of the Roxas City Museum.  the Panublion or the Roxas City Museum tirelessly collects and displays the wealth of lore and memories of its citizens.  Located just across the City Hall, this impressive circular piece of architecture offers every visitor a comprehensive view of what Roxas City was then, what it is now and its vision for the future – a complete record of those who have given their share in making Roxas City what it is today.

After from the panublion museum, not far from there, we head to Manuel Roxas Ancestral House. The Manuel Roxas Ancestral House is one of the landmarks to visit in Roxas City. The ancestral house, built during the 1800s is well maintained and the interiors are still intact. The caretaker shared to me that the furniture are still those used by President Roxas’s family when he was boy.

It was very artistic and antic. Inside it was told that the house lasted a long time, even its not damaged by typhoon in the past year.

Next is Spanggo Foods Café & Pasalubong Center! Its also not too far from The Manuel Roxas Ancestral House, we can walk less in 5 minutes to go there.

Here we eat snacks called “Boko Pie” so “Boko” means coconut. Boko pie is a coconut pie, it was delicious! Besides that, here we also sit together with all exchange students and we have a lot of things to talk, for example how others culture, what is famous song or even an artist in their own country.

After we eat snacks, the tour contibue to The Santa Monica Parish Church! It is also called Panay Church, Spanish: ‘Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Mónica’, is a historic church in Panay. The church has an unusually large bell, the largest in the country. In 1997 the church was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

A lot of good photo spots, because from a long time ago. Looks aesthetic and really good for you who need stock aesthetic photos on Instagram or another social media hihi

After we have our lunch in Baybay beach, we’re going to capiz eco park. It takes 1 hour to go there.

Capiz Eco-Park, meanwhile, is a thriving with its lush flora and fauna. I can get lost here strolling under the cool shades, pondering upon life, while enjoying the refreshing surrounding. Plant lovers like me will surely fall for the herbs, vegetables and ornamental plans are organically raised in the area. The place has a vermi-composting site so there’s a fresh supply of compost for every plant.

And the capiz eco park is our last destination for today. We will have another tour in next Saturday! Can’t wait for that. Bonus the picture of our buddies! XP


Hello, Mabuhay~~!

Today, January 14th 2019 is my first day in President Manuel A. Roxas  Memorial School-South. In the morning I was so nervous because today we have a flag ceremonial in our school. Me, Neneng, and Daisy were having breakfast at 6 after we take a bath, and also after Sir Nonoy came to opur dorm to give the breakfast offcourse. I tooked a picture with Neneng in our dorm before we go to our school.

Can you see our nervousness in our face? Haha

Before I explain my experience further, I want to share a little information about the school that I observed here in Roxas City, Capiz.


President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School – South or often called PMRMS-South is an elementary school located in Arnaldo Blvd.,Roxas City, Capiz. It was a public school, in this school not only accept grade 1 – 6 students, but there are also kindergarden classes. This school is under DepEd, or Department of Education.

After the flag ceremonial, I used to follow mam Gina as my critic teacher. She’s gonna teach English subject. In the first class is Grade VI Rizal, the students were very active, smart, fluent in English and also have a critical mind because we had a discussion in the class.

What make me surprised is when there are two female students, I guess they were from grade 2 or 3, they just came into me, and they bring their face comes to my cames, I was wondering what she wil do, and theeeen, she just kiss me on my cheek. And her friend also. At that moment, I just feel like…….. oh my god, their so cuteee, their so lovely, and its just touched my heart ❤

My first week at this school was very pleasant and gave me a special impression, on the first day I had the opportunity to observe in class VI, in  section Rizal, Roxas, Mabini And Arroyo. On my second and third day because at that time there was a periodical test, I also had the opportunity to supervise students. here the exam is conducted 4 times, from the 1st periodical test to the 4th periodical test, and there is a report or recognition day.

Bellow were my documentation when i was in PMRMS-South in my first week :



Im going to tell you about how I spend my first weekend here in Capiz!

So on Saturday, January 12th  is I have a trip together with Neneng, Ma’am Grazl, Ma’am Susan, Ma’am Grace, my two buddies that is Lyka and Lysa, and Neneng’s buddy Daisy.  The first place we are going to is Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Maybe one of you will ask me, why you go there? That is a place for Christian and Chatolic right?

Yes I go there because I respect them. In islam teaches tolerance, and in my opinion its fine as long as I do not pray on what they worship, as long as I still have my faith and believe in Islam. So I think I don’t have a problem with that.

Next, after that around 10 o’clock, we are going to Dayao Satellite College to have our lunch. First I was asked by one of the proffesor there, you can swim right?  I answer, I can, but I don’t bring my swimsuit.

then the proffesor laughed, then I ask to my self “is something wrong with my answer?” then I just realized after we walked a few meters and saw the river and a raft. so this is what is meant by the question about swimming before. Aaa  I  only laugh at myself.

Here are some of the pictures while we have our lunch in raft:

Its pretty unique right?

This is also my first time to have lunch, in the middle of the river, wading the river to and fro, seeing the surrounding scenery that is so cool and beautiful with all the elements that exist.

After that we also had the opportunity to go to light house in Culasi. But the way to the culasi light house is not that easy, you need extra power first haha ​​because there will be so many stairs that you will climb,  but yes the struggle will not betray the results, during the way to the light house we are also served to beautiful views of the cliffs and also a beautiful beaches. 

And yes here we are arrived at the Culasi Light House