It didn’t feel like this was my last week at this South PMRMS, so on Monday 28th January, there was a program recognition day. So recognition day is the day of sharing their report card. Every year there are 4 session recognition days, this recognition day is held after the periodical test. This system is a little different in Indonesia, if in Indonesia in elementary school there is a distribution of 2 times each year. But if here every year there are 4 times the recognition day. it is being held 1st on August / Sep, 2nd on October / Nov, 3rd on January / Feb, 4th on March / April.

For recognition days which are 1.2 and 3 are done in class, in the afternoon in their last hours at 3-4 pm. The school provided ribbon rewards such as perfect attendance, complete uniform award, with honor, high honors and highest honors for the pupils.

Well on this occasion I was fortunate to be able to experience how exciting 3rd recognition day is. So for the program, it takes place in the classroom, the parents waiting around the classrooms and waiting for the turn for their son or daughter’s name to be called. Parents or guardians come and provide ribbon rewards and certificates of recognition previously given by class teachers to their son or daughter. For the preparation of this event, it is carried out by all students and their class teachers, by decorating as much as possible with all its contents.

Neeext, on Wednesday 30 January is the final day of my demonstration! After all the previous preparations I had until now, the class I’m going to teach for the final demo is Rizal Class, but before that, I was given the opportunity to teach in the previous class, as well as a farewell because today is my last day in PMRMS-South. In section Roxas and Mabini I really spend my time well there, so sad that I didn’t have time to say goodbye to grade 6 section Arroyo huhu 😦

The following is the material that I prepared in advance for the final demo

Lesson Plan Final Demo

Powerpoint Presentation Final Demo

And yup after that nervousness, this is going to be my moment! I talk to my self haha

I was told by my coordinator if you are nervous just smiling and smiling. She said because smiling can stretch our stiff muscles, and yes! Its really works on me hehe. In the beginning, I was really nervous but after that, I feel really enjoy with my pupils even if there were 6 supervisors at the back. Here are some pictures of me when I do my final demo

And yes this picture was taken after I finished my final demo

After eleven days I internship at this school I really got a lot of experiences. I became aware of this education system, especially elementary school in Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. In the class that I observed in class 6, there were several subjects, namely ESP, English, Filipino, Science, TLE, MAPEH, Araling Panglipunan, and Math. The education system here ran from the Department of Education. I also got information that for classes 1-3 lessons were taught using the mother language, and grades 4-6 used English, except for ESP and Araling Panglipunan lessons that use the national language, Tagalog.

Here I learn a lot, I can practice my English skills both for teachers and students, then I can also learn how to handle a class especially using English. Teacher and students here are also friendly, and special for my critic teacher Maam Gina Nobleza who has shared a lot of knowledge with me, thank you for encouraging me during my internship here, and for my lovely students, thank you also for the cooperation, I really appreciate that I will miss youuuu for sure!

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