Im going to tell you about how I spend my first weekend here in Capiz!

So on Saturday, January 12th  is I have a trip together with Neneng, Ma’am Grazl, Ma’am Susan, Ma’am Grace, my two buddies that is Lyka and Lysa, and Neneng’s buddy Daisy.  The first place we are going to is Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Maybe one of you will ask me, why you go there? That is a place for Christian and Chatolic right?

Yes I go there because I respect them. In islam teaches tolerance, and in my opinion its fine as long as I do not pray on what they worship, as long as I still have my faith and believe in Islam. So I think I don’t have a problem with that.

Next, after that around 10 o’clock, we are going to Dayao Satellite College to have our lunch. First I was asked by one of the proffesor there, you can swim right?  I answer, I can, but I don’t bring my swimsuit.

then the proffesor laughed, then I ask to my self “is something wrong with my answer?” then I just realized after we walked a few meters and saw the river and a raft. so this is what is meant by the question about swimming before. Aaa  I  only laugh at myself.

Here are some of the pictures while we have our lunch in raft:

Its pretty unique right?

This is also my first time to have lunch, in the middle of the river, wading the river to and fro, seeing the surrounding scenery that is so cool and beautiful with all the elements that exist.

After that we also had the opportunity to go to light house in Culasi. But the way to the culasi light house is not that easy, you need extra power first haha ​​because there will be so many stairs that you will climb,  but yes the struggle will not betray the results, during the way to the light house we are also served to beautiful views of the cliffs and also a beautiful beaches. 

And yes here we are arrived at the Culasi Light House

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