Hi Mabuhay!

I would like to tell you about my experience in joining Extention Program that was held by Dayao Satellite College. This program was purposed for 3rd – 4th year of college students that majoring in elementary education. Where they were given the chance to practice their ability to teach. This program was held once a week, on Friday. The session was based on the campus and the school’s agreement.

I had the chance to join this program twice. The target of this program was to teach the student how to read, write, vocabulary and another topic for 1st  to the 3rd-grade student that was categorized as a slow learner.

1st IN DYDMRMS (Don Ynocencio A. Del Rosario Memorial School )

On Friday, January 18th, around 1 pm, the group of the college student and some of the supervisor from Dayao departed to DYDMRMS that was located around 2 KM from Dayao campus. We go there by tricycle. The tricycle was the main transportation in Roxas, Capiz. It was quite alike Bajaj in Indonesia, but I thought that the shape of this vehicle was quite unique :

And do you know it? One unit of tricycle could contain more than 12 people! Could you imagine how crowded it is?

Once we get there, I had the chance to help to teach how to read and write for 1st grader along with another elementary education major from Dayao

It was funny how I was supposed to teach the Tagalog language to the student when I didn’t quite understand it. Such the words: adlaw, itlog, matinlo, etc. Luckily, my friend taught me the meaning of those words afterward. And that’s it, my program in DYDMRMS was finished!

 In the Neeeeext week, I also participated in the same program, but in a different school. This time I’d got the chance to practice teaching in Libas Elementary school.


The distance from the Campus to this school was quite far. Around 4-5 km and the environment of this school was quite saddening. This school was initially built for the citizen around which was admittedly quite poor. The access to the school was hard, we must go through small alleyway and some ladder because the location is somehow isolated. But this doesn’t decrease the spirit of the student to study even for a bit! although they go to school without a uniform and only wearing ordinary clothes. The topic that was taught was the same as those from DYDMRMS, they were taught to read, write, and Tagalog vocabulary. I also helped to teach how to read fluently along my friends from Dayao, beam from last year and second year.

Joining this program taught me how important education is for life, to  Never surrender to reach your dream and open my eyes to be more thankful for everything that you have.

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