Hello, Mabuhay~~!

Today, January 14th 2019 is my first day in President Manuel A. Roxas  Memorial School-South. In the morning I was so nervous because today we have a flag ceremonial in our school. Me, Neneng, and Daisy were having breakfast at 6 after we take a bath, and also after Sir Nonoy came to opur dorm to give the breakfast offcourse. I tooked a picture with Neneng in our dorm before we go to our school.

Can you see our nervousness in our face? Haha

Before I explain my experience further, I want to share a little information about the school that I observed here in Roxas City, Capiz.


President Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School – South or often called PMRMS-South is an elementary school located in Arnaldo Blvd.,Roxas City, Capiz. It was a public school, in this school not only accept grade 1 – 6 students, but there are also kindergarden classes. This school is under DepEd, or Department of Education.

After the flag ceremonial, I used to follow mam Gina as my critic teacher. She’s gonna teach English subject. In the first class is Grade VI Rizal, the students were very active, smart, fluent in English and also have a critical mind because we had a discussion in the class.

What make me surprised is when there are two female students, I guess they were from grade 2 or 3, they just came into me, and they bring their face comes to my cames, I was wondering what she wil do, and theeeen, she just kiss me on my cheek. And her friend also. At that moment, I just feel like…….. oh my god, their so cuteee, their so lovely, and its just touched my heart ❤

My first week at this school was very pleasant and gave me a special impression, on the first day I had the opportunity to observe in class VI, in  section Rizal, Roxas, Mabini And Arroyo. On my second and third day because at that time there was a periodical test, I also had the opportunity to supervise students. here the exam is conducted 4 times, from the 1st periodical test to the 4th periodical test, and there is a report or recognition day.

Bellow were my documentation when i was in PMRMS-South in my first week :

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