Do you know where is Ilo-ilo? Ilo-ilo is a province in Western Visayas, just like capiz but it’s not capiz. It takes 2-3 hours to go there from Roxas city.

On Friday, January 31st. Me, Neneng and all of the exchange students from Indonesia and Thailand in Capsu were going to ilo-ilo city, with our coordinators from each campus.

Because of a long trip, we were required to prepare at 4 in the morning.

We departed using 3 campus cars, I happened to be with friends from the campus of Pontevedra, they were Melisa, Pamela, and David. All five of us are also from the campus in one city you know, the city of Yogyakarta. I was also accompanied by the coordinator of Dayao, namely Ma’am Doreen.

After traveling we visited one of the churches at ilo-ilo, the Jaro cathedral, and we also took a walk in the market which was in front of the cathedral. Lagao-lagao or dayan-dayan hihi.

After that we headed to ilo-ilo museu, in this place we can see the artistic works of the artists at ilo-ilo and also various artifacts or historical heritage items from the ilo-ilo city in this western visayas.

after that we go to our main destination, Commision of education!

We had our lunch in KFC in SM Mall

Do malling in SM Mall

We also had the opportunity to visit the vi region of tourism, unfortunately, we did not meet the director, but we met with the editor in chief, Attorney Sedfrey L. Cabaluna, he was a tv anchor also, he and yessss he was so handsome hehe. Here are some of our pictures :

He welcomed us very kindly, of course, that makes us feel so glad to be there, especially because he was also handsome, and I really like the way he speaks hihi ;P He explain to us about the culture, the foods, and any activities in ilo-ilo and in Western Visayas, it was very interesting!

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