Mabuhay! Still with me here on my 23rd day joining the Sea Teacher Program at CAPSU, Philippines.

So today, Friday 1 February 2019 we have an agenda to be a speaker on the showcase of talents at CAPSU’s Main Campus. After yesterday we were walking around the city of Ilo-ilo hihi. Tired? No haha ​​because we enjoyed it while walking before with other friends.

Oiya, so on this Friday’s event, we (Neneng and I) were asked by Ma’am Grace Galagate as the coordinator of the main campus to present about our country, Indonesia. So later we will present about the geography, culture, food, other things about Indonesia and the similarities and differences between Indonesia and the Philippines. And because the day before we had a tour, and the previous day we had a final demo, our preparations were only one night, haha. But yeah it’s okay because we are also helped by Daisy hihi.

And yup after one night working for PPT, it was finally finished at 12 am, and we continued to redeem a little at 5 am hehe. At 8 am me, Neneng and Daisy go to Main Campus with a tricycle, the distance is not too far, about 7 minutes. After arriving, it turned out the gymnasium was in full with the existing students. and jeng, jeng , jeng it is time for us to go forward for the presentation. Nervous? Yes, obviously! XP

After the presentation continues with the showcase of talents! There are many performances from students, from various dances, and singing and everything is cool!

After the showcase of talents on Main Camupus was finished, the next program was having a snack times with the professors from Dayao Sattellite College, and I’m not alone, Neneng and Daisy also joined in. We talked small things from differences in Indonesia culture and Filipino equations and many others.

Thank you for the time you spend and treat us Ma’am and Sir! ❤

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