Hello! Mabuhay!

I don’t feel like it’s been the last day I joined this program. And here are the end of the event, which is closing ceremony huhu. Actually, at the closing ceremony, there was an event for reflection, all student exchange participants were asked to give a simple speech about reflection and just about things that we had learned and emphasized for a whole month here.

Honestly for this speech I was really nervous because I had never participated in a program like this before and was perched in front of great people here, but it must be dealt with yes!

This closing event starts with the greeting of the President, Vice President and then continues by the reflection of each student.

Being an exchange student is really an unforgettable experience for the university student, both for the learning process and broadening of horizons

After that, its time for the stage haha, all of the exchange students must perform either to sing or dance for their culture. Me and Neneng have prepared from 2 days ago, we want to perform the song of Javanese songs and dance to the Manuk Dadali

Next is the footage of our performance

At the end of the event, the students and the faculty staff giving gifts to each coordinator, mentor, critic teacher from every school and also student exchange students. I also got the certificate from Ma’am Editha C. Alfon the President of Capiz State University.

After this closing we were also given the opportunity to visit in one of the mosques in this city Roxas too, the mosque that we are going to visit is located in Tanque, near from PMRMS Soth, the school where I internship there

This is the atmosphere of the mosque in Tanque

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