21st – 24th of January was the second week of my internship in PMRMS South Elementary School, on Monday, I had a chance to help ma’am Gina Nobleza teaching in her class the topic in the first session in Rizal’s, was context clue, and then in the following session, I helped to teach in Roxas, Mabini and Arroyo with the same topic, Context clue

Context clue was a quite challenging topic, for the pupils. each class had a different reaction to the topic based on their ability that they had. Grade 6 Rizal’s class was a superior class, which the student were those that were chosen based on their performance in the previous year

on Tuesday, I got the chance to help to teach in Ma’am Gina’s class again with a different topic that is a characteristic trait. The pupils seem to be more enthusiastic about the topic in Rizal’s class. the teacher taught the pupils with power point and Microsoft wort on the class’s assignment.

I got the opportunity for assistance in the class taught by Ma’am Gina which is section Roxas, Mabini, and Arroyo in Grade 6.

on Wednesday, I had the chance to teach in Rizal’s class with a topic that my critic teacher offer, the topic I chose was advertisement and propaganda. before I started teaching, there were things that I needed to prepare such as lesson plan, procedure of teaching, time management and what kind of activities that will be implemented in class I had already made the lesson plan in the previous week, I had prepared the topic and the powerpoint that I was going to use, I also chose some example for advertisement and propaganda that were quite popular for teen these days, such as coca cola’s advertisement that was starred by BTS ( Korean boyband). it’s hard to deny that Korean wave was such a hit even for elementary students.

Below were my lesson plan and power point that I prepared for my first practice teaching in here :

Lesson Plan

Powerpoint Presentation

And below were my documentation when I was teaching in grade 6 section Rizal on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019.

My second week here in PMRMS South was really fun and interesting, I began to get close to pupils. we also exchange information and opinions about many things like culture in the Philippines, culture in Indonesia, artists we know about and others. Our connection is also very connected, you know, about the KPOP world, especially Boyband BTS! ha ha. Besides that I also understand about how learning takes place in this school, the teacher uses power point as the media used, while the learning stages are: prayer, talents show, showing the objectives of the lesson, reviewing, explain about the topic, practicing, activities, and evaluation.

In the learning process, the teacher also uses various kinds of game innovations, such as dividing male and female groups, playing quizzes, use online games and so on. The teacher is very clever and competent in managing the class, mastering of the material presented. The teacher facilitates the pupils in accordance with the topics discussed. so that students also easily understand the material conveyed through these games, pupils also do a lot of activities both quiz questions, activities, and evaluations because it was student-centered based learning.

Here some of the pictures of me and my pupils in Grade 6 – Rizal :

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