Hello! Mabuhay! Sawadee kha! Apa Kabar?

This is a story part #6 of me when I join the Sea Teacher Batch 7 in CAPSU, Philippines. Please check (here) if you want to read and know more about my experiences in here! 😀

Saturday, January 19th 2019. This day is one of the day that I’m waiting for.  Do you know why? Hihi because today its our first tour together with all of the exchange students in CAPSU. Our last meet is when we have the opening and welcome ceremony in Dayao Campus in last Friday, Jan 11th.

and yes today is the day!  we start this morning with breakfast together at McD, here the family begins to feel, we introduce ourselves to each other.

After breakfast we headed to the Museum. Ang Panublion Museum!

“Panublion” a Hiligaynon term meaning heritage, is the official name of the Roxas City Museum.  the Panublion or the Roxas City Museum tirelessly collects and displays the wealth of lore and memories of its citizens.  Located just across the City Hall, this impressive circular piece of architecture offers every visitor a comprehensive view of what Roxas City was then, what it is now and its vision for the future – a complete record of those who have given their share in making Roxas City what it is today.

After from the panublion museum, not far from there, we head to Manuel Roxas Ancestral House. The Manuel Roxas Ancestral House is one of the landmarks to visit in Roxas City. The ancestral house, built during the 1800s is well maintained and the interiors are still intact. The caretaker shared to me that the furniture are still those used by President Roxas’s family when he was boy.

It was very artistic and antic. Inside it was told that the house lasted a long time, even its not damaged by typhoon in the past year.

Next is Spanggo Foods Café & Pasalubong Center! Its also not too far from The Manuel Roxas Ancestral House, we can walk less in 5 minutes to go there.

Here we eat snacks called “Boko Pie” so “Boko” means coconut. Boko pie is a coconut pie, it was delicious! Besides that, here we also sit together with all exchange students and we have a lot of things to talk, for example how others culture, what is famous song or even an artist in their own country.

After we eat snacks, the tour contibue to The Santa Monica Parish Church! It is also called Panay Church, Spanish: ‘Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Mónica’, is a historic church in Panay. The church has an unusually large bell, the largest in the country. In 1997 the church was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

A lot of good photo spots, because from a long time ago. Looks aesthetic and really good for you who need stock aesthetic photos on Instagram or another social media hihi

After we have our lunch in Baybay beach, we’re going to capiz eco park. It takes 1 hour to go there.

Capiz Eco-Park, meanwhile, is a thriving with its lush flora and fauna. I can get lost here strolling under the cool shades, pondering upon life, while enjoying the refreshing surrounding. Plant lovers like me will surely fall for the herbs, vegetables and ornamental plans are organically raised in the area. The place has a vermi-composting site so there’s a fresh supply of compost for every plant.

And the capiz eco park is our last destination for today. We will have another tour in next Saturday! Can’t wait for that. Bonus the picture of our buddies! XP

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