#1 Reason Why I Join Sea Teacher Program Batch 7

In this part I want to share to you guys, the reason why I want to join Sea Teacher Program. But before I tell you, maybe there are some of you who doesn’t know what kind of program is this.

The SEA Teacher Project or the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia” is a project that aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. (http://seateacher.seameo.org/seateacher/)

This is very interesting for me, this is can be my chance to develop my teaching skill and pedagogy, to observ and expose how the teaching and learning situations in other country especially in ASEAN. I also want to practice my english skill because I have (must) speak English while in the other country right? and last but not least I want to go out of my comfort zone.  

Then, how I can Join this Program?

The Head of Elementary Education in my campus send a broadcast message to each class in 3rd year student. I got that information from my Classmate. He told me that there is a program that you can go abroad. In the beginning I was not put too much attention. But then after re-thinking about it, I want to join this program!!! Because it must be very fun, you can go abroad, explore new places, surrounding with more peoples that you don’t know before.

So I decided to register myself. first step that I have to do is interview with OIA (Office International Affairs) in Campus 1 Ahmad Dahlan University. Next step is microteaching! It might be familiar for you who take major in education, yes that is practice teaching in the class.

After one week, I received an announcement that I pass the first step! I scream excitedly when I read that, it was written “Agtari Dwi Utami” with receiving university “CAPSU PHILIPPINES”

Next, I have to prepare my online interview with receiving campus. It was scheduled at 26 Nov at 2.30-3.30 pm in Philippines Time. And yes! The day is coming, I was interviewed directly by the President of CAPSU! Ma’am EDITHA C. ALFON, Ph.D . Actually I was so nervous that day, maybe if you were there you can see how my hands were trembling, haha.

After several days, Ma’am Dessy from Office International Affairs UAD told me that I pass the interview, and I was accepted in SEA TEACHER BATCH 7.

“Don’t be afraid to start something ((positively)). Don’t be afraid to go out from your comfort zone.”

And here are some pictures when the campus and faculty staff sending us :

You also can read the news in here :



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