I got so excited because I already in the Philippines after  a long journey, it took 2 days cause I have a transit flight first. Fyuh. Okay next, so here I am in the Philippines.

On Thursday, January 10th  2019. Me and Neneng Triyunita (my friend who also join this program, we came from the same campus that is UAD) arrived at the Roxas Airport around  7 am. We are welcomed by Ma’am Grazl Tupaz Baria as my coordinator from Dayao Satellite College-Capiz State University, Ronna as my buddy, Ma’am Susan as Neneng’s coordinator from Main Campus-Capiz State University, Ma’am Grace Galagate as Neneng’s mentor and Daisy as Neneng’s buddy.

(Ronna, Ma’am Grazl, Me, Neneng, Daisy, Ma’am Susan)

After that we had a breakfast at Santonio Resort. Actually this day I feel so sleepy because we spend our 2 night before at NAIA or Manila International Airport and Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Indonesia. But I feel so glad after met  them, so that sleepy feeling just like a wind… swoosh, its gone 😉

(First breakfast in Philippines)

Before I tell you more about my experiences in here, do you know CAPSU? CAPIZ STATE UNIVERSITY?

Here are some information for you about my receiving university in Sea Teacher Program Batch 7, CAPIZ STATE UNIVERSITY.

The Capiz State University is a public university in the Philippines. It is mandated to provide instruction and training in agriculture, fishery and forestry, science and technology, arts and humanities, education and other fields. It is also mandated to undertake research, extension services and production activities. The center of administration of the university is located at Roxas City.

Quality Policy:

CapSU is committed to be the center of academic excellenge delivering quality service to all by”

Continuing innovations and quality improvements cultivating an efficient and effective environment for maximum clientele satisfaction;

Adhering to laws and regulations global standards and environmental change requirements;

Participating in sustainable development projects for inclusive economic growth;

Showing quality outputs; and

Upholding values and intergrity and nurturing talents and skills for global competitiveness.


Center of Academic Excellence Dellivering Quality Service to all


Capiz State University is committed to provide advance knowledge and innovation; develop skills, talents and values; undertake relevant research, development and extension services; promote entrepreneurship and environmental consciousness; and enhance industry collaboration and linkages with partner agencies.

Therefor, the goals are :

  • Globally competitive graduates
  • Institutionalized research culture
  • Responsive and sustainable extension services
  • Maximized profit of viable agroindustrial bussines ventures
  • Effective and efficient administration

Capiz State University have 9 campuses, interesting right? There are :

  1. Roxas City (Main Campus)
  2. Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz
  3. Dumarao, Capiz
  4. Mambusao, Capiz
  5. Pilar, Capiz
  6. Pontevedra, Capiz
  7. Sigma, Capiz
  8. Tapaz, Capiz
  9. Burias, Mambusao, Capiz

and the campus that guided me here is Dayao Satellite College ! ;;)

in Dayao Satellite College there are Undergraduate Courses that is Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

On my first day here, i was greeted with great welcoming by the lecturers, professors at Dayao and students from elementary education here! It was such an amazing experience since I had never been welcomed in this lovely ways! ♥

Here are some pictures of my campus orientation in Dayao Satellite College :

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