Hello people!

In this part I want to share my another activity when I join Sea Teacher Program.

On Friday January, 11th  at 08 am. We’re going to Dayao Campus to have our Opening and Welcome Ceremony.  This is our first day to meet with all the exchange students in CAPSU. They are :

Mr. David En Nur Azka

Ms Pamela Geraldine Joris Winerungan

Ms Melissa Yunita

Ms Neneng Triyunita

Ms. Agtari Dwi Utami (that is me :P)

Ms. Dhea Melia Sari

Ms. Sri Agustina

Ms. Rutsika Chumpaburi

Ms. Tipachporn Inkliang

Ms. Pattarawadee Supapin

But sadly, not all of us can attend the opening and welcome ceremony, our friends Dhe and Sri can not attend because they were come late. They have a flight from Indonesia to Philippines a few days later.

The welcoming event was held lively with various events starting from national anthem, opening remarks, welcome remarks and inspirational message from Dr. Editha C. Alfon as SUC President III and the series of events so on until closing remarks

After the opening and welcome ceremony, all student exchange participants were taken to the Capiz Division

After the division of Capiz, we also visited the Division of Roxas

this is an honor for me, can meet and gather with great people in their respective fields

and last but not least for this part, I also tried a special beverages from Capiz, that is Halo-halo

this is very tasty and refreshing, you should try this when you come to Panay Island J

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